Visual Content Analytics for Marketing.

DeepBrand's leading AI technology makes analyzing online content a breeze. Find brand logos and products in images and videos across the web. Understand their context, discover insights and build better marketing campaigns.

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We live in a visual world.

Companies spend millions of dollars to track brand mentions.
At the same time, they are ignoring the most powerful part of the message.
The image.
Images are datasets.
They store more information and can reach to human brain way faster than text.
Brands which don't analyze visual content, miss the whole picture.
If this is about you, now is the time to change it.

A picture is worth
a thousand data points.

DeepBrand uses best-in-class computer vision technology and advanced algorithms to automate visual content discovery and analysis. Let our AI be your fresh pair of eyes and take your marketing to a whole new dimension.

What used to take weeks,
DeepBrand does in seconds.

Branded Content Monitoring

Find out where and how your brand is presented in online pictures and videos. Easily browse data about your brand's exposure in online media channels. We have it all covered, so you will never need to dig through hundreds of Instagram pictures again.

Context Discovery

Is it Fashion, Sports or Nature? DeepBrand classifies every image based on what it 'sees'. We call it context. You can use interactive visual maps to easily check your brand's most popular contexts and compare it between channels. Our automated channel profiling lets you instantly discover niche contexts at a granular level.

Market Insights

Compare your brand against category benchmarks and check multiple brand profiles at once. Power up your market analysis, find new trends and take inspiration for your marketing strategy. You can also work on raw data and use it with your own tools and models. You are welcome.

Influencer Tracking

DeepBrand's AI sets a new standard for influencer campaign planning. Now you can use visual brand recognition to analyze content of Internet celebrities or identify natural brand ambassadors. Decide who you want to work with – faster and better.

The best way to track
visual content.

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To boldly go where
no brand has gone before.

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